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23 November
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Farsticks began in late 2003 when SPC Bruce (then a wee Private First Class in the schoolhouse) was bored in class waiting for a test of Technical Stuff she had to take. So, to amuse herself and another fellow PFC who had gotten into the show as well, she began to draw little stick figure comics revolving around the show 'Farscape.' After drawing a sloppy copy on lined paper and pencil, she made it all pretty on regular computer paper. When she went home on leave (now an Official Soldier, yay!) she scanned it in using her Daddy's scanner and put it on a geocities website.

This original can be found here, and before you go there keep in mind that this was done before she watched most of season two, and had never seen DMD, SOD, or any of the other pretty JA Shippy episodes. (So yeah, she was an early shipper. ^_^) And also, before she really grasped the difference between a microt and an arn, and before she knew how to spell 'Zhaan.'

And SPC Bruce loves speaking in the third person.